About Us


About the company

M/s. Sakthi Fertilizers Corporation, Coimbatore, was established 18 years ago, to manufacture and distribute fertilizer mixture. The fertilizers are chiefly produced for application in the plantation crops like tea, coffee, potato, cabbage, beans, cauliflower, etc. Our product portfolio contains a variety of mixtures for basic and top dressing application. Besides these, we also manufacture granulated fertilizers.

Our fertilizers are manufactured under stringent quality control and through repeated testing in the laboratory. The company also manufactures micro-nutrient fertilizers which will help the farmers to get abundant yield at low cost.

About the Proprietor

Mr. A. Pandian, the Proprietor of Sakthi Fertilizers Corporation, was born in a small town named Paramakudi in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu. His father was a farmer and an ardent freedom fighter. Though he was interested in doing his degree in agriculture, owing to his family circumstances, he had to be content with a degree in chemistry.

After his education, he joined a fertilizer manufacturing corporate as a chemist. By virtue of his hard work and enthusiasm to master the nuances of the industry, he became a sales officer and, ultimately, a Branch Manager. After about18 years of faithful service, he relinquished the comfortable job to promote his own company, thus fulfilling not only his ambition of serving the farming community, but also to realize his father’s patriotic dreams.

In spite of his modest background, Mr. Pandian believes in aiming high and achieving the maximum. His company today operates in the districts of Coimbatore, Nilgiris and Erode in Tamil Nadu. However, in the near future, he proposes to cover the entire state of Tamil Nadu before launching his products on the national platform.

The National Award

The “Gem of India” a prestigious award that is given annually for outstanding achievers in various fields including education, science, art, fine arts, cinema, etc. M/s. Sakthi Fertilizers Corporation, Coimbatore, was felicitated with the “Gem of India” award for their contribution as the leading quality fertilizer manufacturers in South India, in the year 2001. The Union Minister of State for Civil Supply and Food, Hon. Ashok Kumar Pradhan presented the award to Mr.Pandian, at a function at the Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi, on the 27th September 2001. The function was presided over by the Union Minister of State for Technology, Hon. Bachan Rawat.