Our Story


Our Story

Though our story officially began in 1999, the seed of the flourishing tree – us, today, was planted years ago in the heart of our founder, Mr. A Pandian. Hailing from the small town, Paramakudi, in the Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu, he was exposed to more than just agriculture and farming. He inherited the resilient spirit and strength from his father who was a farmer himself and a passionate freedom fighter. Post his education, specializing in Chemistry, he worked his way upwards in a fertilizer company and eventually pursued his entrepreneurial venture to launch Sakthi Fertilizers.

We are proud to be pioneers in the manufacture of NPK mixture fertilizers and granulated fertilizers along with being distributors of well-established and leading fertilizer manufacturers in the country. Our fertilizers are produced for plantation crops such as tea, coffee, and other hill side vegetables like potato, cabbage, beans, carrot, and also for all crops on the plains like banana, paddy, coconut, sugarcane, etc. We also focus on manufacturing micronutrient fertilizers to help the farming community reap abundant yields at low costs. We have also recently delved into the marketing of various grades of imported water-soluble fertilizers and strongly believe in the policy of manufacturing and marketing quality products. This has resulted in us maintaining the infrastructure of lab facilities for stringent quality control at every stage of production.

Our journey thus far has been a fulfilling one and our fertilizers are now marketed throughout the state of Tamil Nadu with plans of nationwide expansion and eventually gaining a slice of the International market too.
Our products and the yield it produces along with the satisfied smiles of farmers are our biggest accolades but we also take pride in the ‘’Gem of India’’ awarded to us in 2001 by the Union Minister of State for Civil Supply and Food, Hon. Ashok Kumar Pradhan, in the presence of the Union Minister of State for Technology, Hon. Bachan Rawat, for our outstanding contribution as the leading quality-fertilizer manufacturers in South India. 

We march forward to continue our journey and strive to contribute in enriching the country’s indispensable natural resources and supporting the growth and development of the agriculture sector.