Our Story


Our Story

Our journey, which officially commenced in 1999, is deeply rooted in a vision that predates our formal inception, inspired by a profound connection to agriculture and a legacy of resilience. This foundation, enriched by invaluable industry experience, set the stage for our venture into the fertilizer sector.

We take pride in being industry leaders in the production of NPK mixture fertilizers and granulated fertilizers, as well as in our role as distributors for some of the country’s most esteemed fertilizer manufacturers. Our comprehensive product range caters to a wide array of crops, including plantation crops like tea and coffee, hillside vegetables such as potatoes, cabbages, and carrots, and staple crops grown on the plains, including bananas, paddy, coconuts, sugarcane, and more. Our commitment extends to producing micronutrient fertilizers, aimed at enabling the farming community to achieve abundant yields cost-effectively. Furthermore, our recent foray into the marketing of imported water-soluble fertilizers underscores our commitment to quality, emphasizing our dedication to maintaining high standards throughout our product lineup.

Our path has been one of significant growth and satisfaction, with our reach extending throughout Tamil Nadu and plans for national and international expansion on the horizon. The effectiveness of our products and the satisfaction of the farmers we serve stand as our greatest achievements. We are honored to have received the ‘Gem of India’ award in 2001 by the Union Minister of State for Civil Supply and Food, Hon. Ashok Kumar Pradhan, in the presence of the Union Minister of State for Technology, Hon. Bachan Rawat, for our significant contribution as leading quality-fertilizer manufacturers in South India.

Looking ahead, we are committed to advancing our contribution to enhancing the nation’s precious natural resources and supporting the agricultural sector’s growth and development.